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Petoskey Stone Specimen Fossil Coral Michigan Mi BJs No 32

Michigan State StoneBottom of stone

Petoskey Stone Specimen Fossil Coral Michigan Mi BJs No 32


A Nice Petoskey Stone Specimen

Flat on back, so would make a nice small paperweight.

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This is a nice specimen of this coral fossil. This Petoskey stone is from Northern Michigan and not the Asian fossil.

It has been polished all around. See scans.
This stone is hand polished. It is not "lacquered" like so many are.

The Petoskey stone is a fossil coral.

Condition - Very good. Nice "eyes" on this stone. Would make a very nice specimen to enjoy. There is a reflection on the stone from taking the picture. Scans do not do this stone justice.

Measures - Approx.1-3/4" x 1-1/8" x 3/8" thick.

Quality - Very good. Has very nice "eyes".



The Petoskey Stone is a Fossilized Colony Coral. The Coral is a "Hexagonaria", which stems from its hexagon shape.

Michigan State Stone
Petoskey stone specimen
Michigan State Stone