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Featuring lapidary supplies, Michigan minerals, Petoskey stones, Lake Superior agates, and rock-related books. Michigan and other state postcards. Nice selection of antiques and collectibles.

Coldwater MI Postcard High School UDB BJ's

Undivided back postcard

Coldwater MI Postcard High School UDB BJ's


A Nice Vintage Early 1900's Undivided Back Postcard

Coldwater MI Postcard High School UDB BJ's

Title: A7943. High School, Coldwater, Mich.

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Postmark - None
Does have Miss Flossie White written on back.

Pub. by The Rotograph Co., N.Y. City. (Germany)

Condition - Excellent.

We have a good selection of cards. Please ask if you are looking for a particular card. Thanks.

Undivided back postcard
High School Coldwater Michigan
Undivided back postcard